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September 18 2011


June 27 2011

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Da-masu, where are you???

June 07 2011

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February 03 2011

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M... Maon?!
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January 27 2011

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now i will never look at the vacuum cleaner the same way again. and i'm in the middle of de-dusting my room.... T_T
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December 23 2010

Wojou sang "memories of days gone by", then sung an x'mas medley (rudolph the red nose reindeer and santa claus is coming to town) in a capella. really good, especially the latter~

they did the crazy stuff suggested by listeners last week, including making Da-masu karaoke Magic∞World haha!
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December 02 2010



at last Da-masu-kun got a taste of the infamous chocolate rice. XD

Da-masu: don't try this at home folks, it's a waste of chocolate and rice!
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November 26 2010

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miss sound director made him recite a line from a confession scene..... then somehow Wasshii managed to turn things around and have her confess to him!

this week's guest corner was hilarious. Nanrietta's guesting next week! now they just have to call azusa.... all the girls have already recently appeared on anispa tho.
Tags: wasshii maonsu 2h

November 01 2010

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音響監督 黒崎真音登場!

Maon showed up around one hour and twenty minutes or so into the show.

the ones where Mami is all smiles are when the girls are ganging up on Daamasu.

the ones where Mami looks like she wants to crawl into a hole (and a very happy Maon) are when it's Mami's turn. :D
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October 28 2010

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like i have nothing better to do...
crappy connection = crappy video stream = crappy caps

Maon: connection too sucky to appreciate dance moves ;_;

Ayane: ....i knew i should've enjoyed the show instead of raging rarrr how dare you mispronounce her name!! and dolffin jet? ~_~

Kita: yes, he does look good in a suit.

Tokyo Brass Style: com and connection decided to join hands in throwing a tantrum here, so no caps. ;_; they were awesome tho.

Daisy×Daisy: first time watching her sing. she's got the voice, all right. at times the Nana resemblence shows.

Nakano FujoSisters: er, forgot to snap. sounds like just another akiba idol group. the girls were cute.

Chihhii: sounds as good as ever, but seriously, this women needs new material!

bwaaa how dare they cut Kudou and Mamegu~~~~~~
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