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April 04 2012


September 30 2011

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gonna miss this combi...

towards the end of wednesday's show the 2h listeners started flooding the twitter timeline with Da-masu userpics! XD Mikakoshi was moved when she caught wind of this. she tuned in the next day and tweeted this and this. lol.

September 18 2011


June 27 2011

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Da-masu, where are you???

June 01 2011

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Kudou Tomomi (Da-masu's manager), Monchan (Suiyou 2h assistant producer), Oshaberi Obake, Yamadashima Sumako (Columbia PR & Suiyou 2h idol XD), Yoshida's manager (er.. didn't catch her name).
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May 09 2011


May 02 2011

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January 05 2011

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the Gobugobu girls paid a visit~
Muttsuri was more manly than Da-masu...
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December 31 2010

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the rest of the 2h family~

2nd pic lined in day order.
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December 23 2010

all the girls put on a little performance for x'mas week~ Yoshida sang "sleigh ride" at the opening and later "silent night" with the ukulele. the tree dress is really cute♡
can't wait to see what Maon has in store.
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November 24 2010

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polar opposites!
the only question they gave identical answers was tonkotsu-flavoured ramen....

they pulled that same stunt: shizuku x3!
and then again on Kanatan's radio. Yuuka appeared as a challenger for some game (??). wasn't really listening, but seems that she got a pretty good score.

October 22 2010

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...d-dare? XD
Tags: yoshida hitomi
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